WCTA Recommended Candidates for the non-partisan Washington County Board of Education
Four Open Seats

To be considered for this endorsement for elected office as a member of the Board of Education, candidates complete questionnaires and participate in an interview process with a committee who then brings recommendations to the WCTA Board of Directors. After much discussion, the Board voted to approve the recommendations of the committee.

This year's recommended candidates are listed here along with each candidate's completed questionnaire. Members are encouraged to consider these candidates when they are making their deliberations regarding their ballots this November.

(Listed Alphabetically)

Mr. Bill Donahue (Questionnaire)

Mr. Donahue is a 31 year veteran of teaching, retiring 2020. Mr. Donahue also has experience with the USDA (chemist) and Mid Atlantic Radiation, Inc (physicist).

Mr. Donahue’s responses in the written packet and the interview display his willingness to advocate for students and staff, to incorporate the expertise of educators in the decision-making process, and to build a more collaborative relationship between the WCTA and the WCBOE. Mr. Donahue is a former member of the WCTA board of directors.

Mr. Ben Forrest (Questionnaire)

Mr. Forrest, an Eagle Scout, is a product of WCPS, a 2016 graduate of North Hagerstown High School. He is a recent graduate of Frostburg State University, majoring in Political Science and minoring in mathematics.

Mr. Forrest’s responses demonstrate his desire to transparently lead WCPS through the pandemic and to partner with educators now and into the future. The committee feels that Mr. Forrest’s youth is not a weakness as he pursues a seat on Board of Education. His perspective as a recent WCPS student can be an attribute as the WCBOE conducts its business.

Mr. Stan Stouffer (Questionnaire)

Mr. Stouffer is a product of WCPS and Hagerstown Junior College. Mr. Stouffer is a Vietnam Veteran, who returned to Washington County to begin his 41 year teaching career. Mr. Stouffer held many committee positions with WCTA, including on the negotiations team and on the Board of Directors. As a current member of the WBOE, Mr. Stouffer has intimate knowledge of the workings of WCPS and the WCBOE and the committee views his voting record and effort to maintain lines of communication as an opportunity to improve the relationship between WCTA and WCBOE.

The following candidates also completed questionnaires and participated in the interview process:


Note: Mr. Bickford did not participate in the interview process and recently reached out that he did not ignore the WCTA recommendation process; it could have been a communication error. Per Association policy, all candidates must complete the written questionnaire to be eligible for the interview and a possible recommendation.