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WCPS-WCTA Joint Statements

Issue 2: WCPS-WCTA Joint Statement on the Approved “Memorandum of Understanding”

 This Joint Statement provides details about Memorandum of Understanding that the Washington County Board of Education and the Washington County Teachers Association signed at the Tuesday, November 17, 2021, meeting. The MOU amends the Negotiated Agreement through the remainder of this school year.

  • The MOU increases compensation for teachers who cover classes for absent colleagues due to the shortage of substitute teachers available in the county.
  • The MOU provides compensation for teachers who “absorb” the students of an absent teachers into their own classes.
  • The MOU provides for compensation for teachers who are reassigned to cover classes.

Questions about the implementation or interpretation of ths MOU can be directed to Terri Baker (WCPS HR director) or Carlos Mellott (WCTA Uni-Serve director).

Issue 1: WCPS Continuity of Learning Plan (11/9/2021)

This WCPS-WCTA Joint Statement on Continuity of Learning summarizes the expectations for educators, students, and parents/guardians so that this continuity of instruction occurs.

  • The Maryland Statement Department of Education is requiring that all school districts in Maryland submit plans to ensure that students who are absent due to required quarantine or illness related to the Covid-19 pandemic receive access to learning activities while they are away from school.
  • Through these plans, school districts are able to count students as “present” if specific protocals are followed.
  • Teachers choose how they will provide their classroom learning activities and instruction to students in quarantine based on a variety of factors, including grade level, course content, and access to technology resources.

WCPS-WCTA Joint Statements

The WCTA Board of Directors meets quarterly with the WCPS Leadership Team to discuss common concerns and share ideas about how to improve our collaborative work in support of student achievement. In addition, WCTA president Neil Becker and Univ-Serve director Carlos Mellott communicate and meet regularly with the Superindent and other members of the Leadership team to address various topics and issues relevant to providing supportive working environments for our educators.

During the October 2021 quarterly meeting, the teams decided to issue “Joint Statements” to provide clarity, when needed, on various issues as they arise throughout the course of the year. WCTA posts these joint statements here, and WCPS communicates them directly to staff via email and the WCPS intranet.

If you have questions (or suggestions) about either the joint statement process or about an issue that is posted, please contact us. We seek to clarify, collaborate, and confirm the communication between our two leadership teams so that our common stakeholders are involved and heard at the table.

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WCPS-WCTA Joint Statements