Ratficiation Round #2 Now Underway

Jun 20, 2024

The WCTA-WCBOE Negotiations Process for the 2024-2025 contract year has ended with both teams coming to tentative agreement at the table. WCTA members now must vote either to ratify the tentative agreement or vote to reject it.

  • Voting is occurring via Email Ballot between June 19 and June 26.
  • Ratification Ballots have been sent to personal emails on file with WCTA.

WCTA opened two articles this year, 8.1 and 7.14, and the Board’s team opened two articles, 13.3 and 23.14.

  • Article 8.1 Student Behavior_Renamed
  • Article 7.14 Planning Time
  •  Article 13.3 Final Assignments
  • Article 23.14 Notice of Intent to Return

Salary consideration includes the already ratified Memorandum of Understanding for an additional 2% to the scale. That scale adjustment was made as of the May 24, 2024, pay date. The Board is offering an additional 1% that will be added to the already adjusted scale. So, in total, the salary increase from the July 1, 2023, agreement is 3% (the 2% in the May MOU plus this additional 1%).

If ratified, that new scale will go into effect for the 2024-2025 contract year. In addition, the Career Ladder provides the expectations for NBCT as per the legislation of the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future. It does not include any additional stipends due to lack of local county funding. The state’s Blueprint formula for providing funding will substantially change for the next funding cycle, so the Career Ladder will continue to be negotiated each year as additional state funding and implemention deadlines related to Blueprint occur.

In addition to the proposed changes noted above, WCTA President Carol Mowen and UniServ Director Mary Heeringa worked with HR Director Terri Baker and Chief Legal Counsel Ilissa Ramm to come to agreement on a number of Memoranda of Understanding documents between the Board of Education and the Association. These will be added to the 2024-2025 Negotiated Agreement. Since these MOU documents do not impact the salary scales of all Unit members, they do not require ratification by the membership.

  • MOU on Article 7.14 Planning Time (New MOU – as per Article 7.14 Above)
  • MOU on HHT Pay for Licensed Teachers (New MOU to provide additional pay for licensed teachers who provide HHT to students)
  • MOU on Girls Flag Football (New MOU funded by the Baltimore Ravens and UnderArmour)
  • MOU on NBCT (Already existing MOU, updated for 2024-2025)
  • MOU on SLP Virtual and In Person Options (Already existing MOU)
  • MOU on the Agreement Modifications In Total (Standard MOU)

Members are encouraged to send questions to Mary Heeringa, the WCTA UniServ Director and lead negotiator for WCTA, or to Carol Mowen, WCTA President. Members may also call the office. (NOTE: WCTA is now on limited summer hours. Mary or Carol will return emails and phones calls as soon as possible and likely within 24-28 hours.)


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