WCTA+MSEA+NEA: The Big Picture

Check out this video produced by the Maryland State Educators Association - it's designed for new educators, but even veterans can learn more about how the big picture works for all of us.

Budget Advocacy: Helped Wanted

Do you know that the Washington County Commissioners hold the future of our schools in their hands through the annual budget process? And, do you know that the State of Maryland has designated Washington County as "low effort" in terms of school funding because of the lack of local support commensurate with what other counties provide their schools? This is why we need your voice to advocate for full funding. Find out what's in Dr. Michael's proposed budget that directly affects your school, then make plans to advocate for the funding needed by attending these meetings and contacting the commissioners via phone, email, or text.

Looking for Lead Teachers

Over the past few years we have been meeting with job-specific positions to discuss challenges, solutions, and how we can best advocate together for you, your position, and your students.  On February 18th and on February 26th from 4:15-5:30, we invite ALL Lead Teachers to join us for these important discussions.


Take the 2020 Safety Survey

We need your input! Please help us compile data regarding safety and student discipline by completing this survey. We're looking for support and solutions to help improve our learning environments, Won't you give your voice to this effort? Every person's input counts. Thanks!

Community Circles

Join our community circles. Find out why this approach to resolving conflict and building stronger relationships works.

Safety & Discipline

Focus Group Gathering:
On February 27, from 4:30-5:30, we will meet together to talk about discipline, the myths, the law, and what can be done to get a handle on student behaviors. Space is limited! RSVP with Jamie Barrett at jbarrett@mseanea.org.


Injured at Work?

If you are injured while at work or while accompanying students as part of your job, be sure that you follow WCPS protocals to report injuries immediately. Several different forms may be needed, Check with your school secretary and/or principal to be sure you have completed all that may be required.

WCTA News & Updates

The WCTA Advocate, Winter Issue, is now out in schools; however, due to an error in the printing process, some copies do not include the last line or two (i.e. - like the recipe box!) in the "text box." If you want to read "the rest of the stories," here is a PDF of the issue: Adv.WCTA.Winter.2020.Updated.

Maryland Blueprint Moving in Annapolis

The bill to establish a new funding formula for Maryland's public schools and to implement recommendations from the Kirwan Commission now introduced as proposed legislation during this Legislative Session in Annapolis. Our reps will be holding meetings at our schools to make sure you have the information you need about this important bill.

WCTA 2020-2021 Elections & MSEA Elections Details

At the January Rep Council, Neil Becker announced the new election cycle for WCTA and MSEA elections for 2020-2021. For WCTA Board of Directors and MSEA/NEA delegated nominating forms and information, see the WCTA Elections webpage.

In terms of the upcoming MSEA elections, WCTA Representative Council voted to endorse the following candidates in the upcoming MSEA elections. Digital balloting begins on January 27.

  • Treasurer: Joe Coughlin
  • NEA Director: Linda McLaughlin
  • MSEA Board of Directors: Heather Goodheart, Donna Christy, and Neil Becker
Be sure to watch your personal emails for the digital ballot. It will include all the information members need to complete this important task.

Maryland's Blueprint Legislation

The recently released governor’s budget is a good first step toward funding for Maryland's public schools. 80% of Maryland voters supported dedicating portions of casino revenue to public education. Yet to be determined by Maryland’s legislature: Blueprint legislation in response to the Kirwan Commission’s recommendations, which include more supports for students, improved teacher training programs, and much more. Education bills will be presented in the coming days. Strong public schools and a well-trained workforce are economic drivers. Investment in education is investment in the community. For more details, read Neil's recent Letter to the Editor published in the Herald Mail.

Injured at Work?

If you are injured as a result of your interaction with students, staff, or the physical environment while at work, you need to check in with your principal/school secretary to complete this injury reporting form Even if it's a trip over a student's bookbag that twists your ankle, complete the form and get it checked out. If you have repurcussions down the road, you will need the documentation, and it's always better to prevent future complications by getting the care you need early on.

MD Report Card Released

In early December 2019, MSDE released Maryland Report Card data for our schools. Check out highlights from this Herald Mail article and visit the Maryland Report Card site for details.

Negotiated Agreement 2017 – 2022

Each year, representatives of the Washington County Board of Education and representatives of the Washington County Teachers Association meet to negotiate the contract. This results in the “negotiated agreement” that is then approved by the Board of Education and ratified by WCTA members. If you are interested in downloading a copy of the latest WCPS-WCTA Negotiated Agreement, click here.


  • MSEA Statement on Release of Blueprint for Maryland’s Future Legislation February 7, 2020
    Friday, February 7, 2020 Patti Mullinspmullins@mseanea.org(410) 353-0755 “This is it: our once-in-a-generation chance to fundamentally improve our public schools and make sure that every student in every neighborhood has the opportunities, support, and attention that they deserve. The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future will lead to expanding career and technical education, hiring more educators and increasing […]
  • MSEA Statement on Kirwan Commission Final Vote on School Funding Formula November 21, 2019
    Thursday, November 21, 2019 Adam Mendelsonamendelson@mseanea.org(443) 433-3630 “This is a potentially game-changing moment for our students and our state—a once-in-a-generation opportunity to expand career and technical education, hire more educators and increase their pay, provide additional support to struggling learners, and create lasting educational equity and a more prosperous future for Maryland. Educators applaud the […]

Salary Scale for 2019-2020

Thanks to local funds and a state Kirwan grant, teachers received a solid increase for the 2019-2020 year.

Salary Step Crosswalk is available here to explain the increase and changes to the salary scale.

Medical benefits premium increases were held to just 2% thanks to member advocacy and changes in usage. And we were able to get some additions/improvements to the coverage for both medical and dental.

If you have questions or concerns, call WCTA! We're here to support our teachers and students!

WCPS School Calendar

2019-2020 Click here

Restaurant-of-the-Month Club

This Fund-Raiser is for everyone - WCTA members, non-members, co-workers, family and friends. Download the pdf here. At the bottom of the paper is a coupon to be filled out and returned along with your club dues of $15.00 (Checks should be made payable to WCTA Scholarship Fund). Drawings are held monthly during the WCTA Rep Council meeting. One lucky winner will be awarded a gift certificate to that month's corresponding restaurant. If you win one month, you are still eligible for each of the subsequent monthly drawings. Multiple entries are welcome. You may join at any time,  late entries will not be eligible for months already drawn. Each entry remains active for the 12 drawings listed on the paper.


Healthcare Questions

Do you have questions about your healthcare bill? Contact one of the following:

  • WCPS Benefits Office - 301-766-2810
  • Tricia Riley, WCPS Benefits Specialist: email
  • Contact Cigna - 800-244-6224 - If you have Medicare as your primary insurance please contact them first.

Be sure to log into your My Cigna page or app. Check out items available under the My Health tab. There are Discount Programs and Resources available that may save you additional money.


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