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Building Reps

Do you have a question but are not sure who to contact?  Most schools have at least one Association Representative that can answer many of your day-to-day questions. These Association Representatives attend monthly meetings where they are updated on many different issues concerning teaching in Washington County.  If the representative cannot answer your questions, he or she can refer you to the best person at the WCTA office who will be able to answer your question. And, if your building does not have a Building Rep, just call the WCTA office directly for assistance. If your question is confidential in nature please contact our UniServ Director.

Building Representatives come together for regular Rep Council meetings. Here are the dates for the 2023-2024 Academic Year:

  • Sept. 20 IN PERSON
  • Oct. 18 IN PERSON
  • Nov. 15 VIRTUAL
  • Dec. 20 – Holiday SOCIAL Open House
  • Jan. 17 IN PERSON
  • Feb. 21 VIRTUAL
  • Mar. 20 IN PERSON
  • Apr. 17 IN PERSON
  • May 15 (Annual Meeting) IN PERSON

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