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Restorative Practices: Peace Circles

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A testimonial about the Peace Circles training by Katie Henline, Bester Elementary

What could be better than an instructional leadership opportunity in Dallas? Learning about how to influence your students mentally, emotionally, and physically through Peace Circles was a once in a lifetime opportunity. WCTA is providing beneficial professional developments that are immediately impacting rich instruction and influencing positive behavior in the classroom. Peace Circle Training was not only a learning opportunity but also an opportunity for the teacher and educator to learn more about what students need as individuals. After returning, it was so easy to implement peace circles because it as so real to life and exactly what they were experiencing day to day. The most impacting part of this trip was being able to understand the process. We sat in Peace Circles everyday and experienced them just as we would do them with our students. We also listened to one another’s real world experiences. We gained respect for those around us. It is so important to listen and allow others time to talk. As students, they need to value others and feel valued. In a classroom setting, building values such as respect, honesty and trust are essential. Throughout our professional development we were able to experience Peace Circles through the eyes of a student. Not only was this beneficial as to how they perceive things, but also for us as people to understand the power of communication and empathy. A week away from the school family seems like a lot but this week is so indescribable and if given this wonderful opportunity, this commitment is life changing.

A Comment by Carlos Mellott after visiting Katie’s classroom

In my four years of doing this work, I just had the best day/experience in all my time. Katie Henline invited me to have lunch with her and her kids, and they all told me about their experience with Peace Circles, what they love about doing them, and how they have implemented them at home with their families. There are no words. #grateful#lovehard Thank you Katie and friends for sharing.

The WCTA team at training in Dallas



Implementing Restorative Practices in the Classroom



If you are interested after reading about Peace Circles feel free to contact – UniServ Director – Carlos Mellott – [email protected] – Cell 443-766-9977

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