WCTA & WCESP Announce Endorsements for the May 2024 BOE Primary

Apr 05, 2024

🍎WCTA & WCESP Announce Endorsements for the May 2024 BOE Primary🍎

The Boards of Directors of the Washington County Teachers Association (WCTA) and the Washington County Educational Support Personnel Association (WCESP) are issuing recommendations for the Washington County Board of Education (BOE):

  1. Pieter Bickford
  2. Robin Merchant Spickler
  3. Stan Stouffer
  4. Melissa Williams

All candidates were invited to participate in the endorsement process, and our Government Relations Committee (GR) had educators from both unions who read the candidate questionnaires and participated in candidate interviews. To be granted an interview, candidates had to complete the questionnaire.

The following candidates turned in questionnaires: Pieter Bickford, Nancy Evans, Michael Kiefer, Stan Stouffer, Robin Merchant Spickler, Melissa Williams, and April Zentmeyer. Their responses are posted below so that voters can access them to read/review. Victoria Beachley, Charles Burkett, Ethan Loewen, and Ashley McCusker did not turn in questionnaires. You can read the provided questionnaires below:

2024 candidate- Pieter Bickford

2024 candidate – Nancy Evans

2024 candidate- Michael Keifer

2024 candidate – Stan Stouffer

2024 candidate – Robin Merchant Spickler

2024 candidate – Melissa Williams

2024 candidate – April Zentmeyer


Carol Mowen, WCTA President, & Ann Marie Hines, WCESP President

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